MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro

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MSI’s latest Stealth Pro is their first slimline gaming laptop to use the new Maxwell-powered GTX 970M graphics card, and it makes this machine one of the fastest gaming machines I've ever balanced precariously on my lap. That I can even do that without melting through the flesh of my thighs is testament to the efficiency of Nvidia’s latest graphics technology and the cooling in MSI’s svelte 20mm thin laptop design.

We’ve already seen MSI’s GT72 with the GTX 980M inside it producing some impressive gaming performance figures and, while the GS70’s GTX 970M is demonstrably slower than its (literally) bigger brother, this slimline machine can still be considered a gaming heavyweight.

The GTX 970M uses the same GM204 GPU as the GTX 980M, but has considerably fewer CUDA cores inside. The top-end chip comes with 1,536 cores versus the 970M’s 1,280 and it also has a sub-1GHz clockspeed. When you compare that to the desktop version, the GTX 970, the mobile part looks weaker still. The desktop chip has a full 1,664 CUDA cores, a 25% improvement over the mobile part.

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